CACEO August 2015

Knight News Challenge to Benefit Multiple Counties

Inyo County is part of a winning team of the Knight News Challenge. Their project seeks to develop a Civic Engagement Toolkit for Local Election Officials. The kit will include a set of tools for election offices such as an election website template, visual icons and illustrations, resource allocation calculators, and other tools. They will be testing tools against four big criteria. First, each tool must be affordable, which in most cases means it will be free. Every tool will be tested for ease of use and paired with step-by-step written instructions. Instructions will include how to modify or brand each tool so if fits the needs of a jurisdiction. And, finally, every tool will tested for helpfulness. 

We are asking all interested election officials to submit tools that have been successful in their jurisdiction or submit ideas for tools they wish they had. We are also recruiting election officials to help us test the usability of the tools. To participate, please complete participation form .

This project seeks to empower people to shape their governments by ensuring that local officials have modern ways to communicate with them. By creating the toolkit with a wide network of election officials, we can build upon existing resources to ensure that we have the most comprehensive tools responsive to our greatest needs.