CACEO June 2015

VoteCal Pilot Counties Moving Forward

The CACEO Business Process Committee (BPC) and pilot counties continue to work with the VoteCal team to make the project a success. The BPC worked with the VoteCal team to develop answers to questions that counties have asked during the past meetings with counties (Solution Walkthrough, Fit Gap sessions, and county communication sessions). These answers are documented in a VoteCal Question and Answer document that will be distributed to all counties. 

Finally, the BPC is working with the VoteCal team to identify recommended practices for blackout periods, roster printing, and other areas.  The pilot counties are working with the VoteCal team to test VoteCal using more than 80 business scenarios that were identified by the pilot counties and the VoteCal team, including the election management system vendors.  The VoteCal team and pilot counties are gearing up for the July 2015 pilot deployment.

CACEO Business Process Committee Members

Los Angeles County , Dean Logan

Orange County, Neal Kelley

Sacramento County, Jill LaVine

Sacramento County, Roberta Kanelos

San Diego County, Michael Vu

San Bernardino, Michael Scarpello

Santa Barbara County, Joe Holland

Santa Cruz County, Gail Pellerin

Solano County, John Gardner, Chair

TehamaCounty, Bev Ross


Pilot Counties and EMS Vendor

El Dorado County (DIMS)

Mendocino County (DIMS)

Orange County (DFM)

Sacramento County (DFM)

Solano County (DIMS)