New Co-Chair and Election Legislation Update

SB 450, the Vote Center bill still continues to lead the discussion at our meetings.  There have been some suggested amendments on the ratios of voters to vote centers and we are expecting to see these in print soon, with a Hearing scheduled sometime in April.

SB 967, the bill that would pay for special elections passed out of Committee but it now heads to Appropriations.  CACEO has taken a support position on this bill.

AB 2911, is the longest bill.  It is 51 pages clarifying what is a state or a county voter information guide.  Thanks to John Gardner and his committee for this clean-up language.

Another bill, AB 2265, was also a proposal from CACEO.  Cathy Darling Allen and Gail Pellerin proposed to allow the county counsel when preparing the impartial analysis to clarify what a yes vote means and what a no vote means.

Other bills cover allowing 16 and 17 year olds to vote in school board elections, felon voting rights, who can return a vote by mail ballot, expanding San Diego’s all mail ballot pilot to fill special vacancies and make it available state wide, and the daily posting of precinct results during the canvass.  You can see a complete list of the bills and their status on the CACEO website at