June 2015

CACEO Board Adopts VOC Recommendations

Detailed work of CACEO sub-committee adopted 

With minor changes the CACEO Board of Directors today adopted the recommendations of the Voting Opportunities Committee (VOC). The sub-committee was set-up to address the operational issues surrounding the vote center proposals.

Neal Kelley
President, Registrar of Voters, Orange County

SB 272 Concerns

The Clerk of the Board Legislative Committee changed its position on SB 272 from “Concerns” to “Oppose Unless Amended”. SB 272 would amend the California Public Records Act (CPRA) with significant changes. Read additional details.

CACEO Clerk Bills Advance

CACEO County Clerk sponsored bills, SB 799 and AB 630, are making their way through the legislature without opposition. The Association is grateful for the support of these two CACEO sponsored bills.

VoteCal Orientations

Orientation sessions coming soon to your area

Counties will continue to receive critical information on VoteCal in upcoming orientations. The purpose of these sessions is to inform counties on the implementation approach for VoteCal.  Click here for the current schedule.

Current CACEO Members: 821  | PRINC: 124  | DEP: 504 | ASSOC: 47

VoteCal Pilot Counties Moving Forward

The CACEO Business Process Committee (BPC) and pilot counties continue to work with the VoteCal team to make the project a success. The BPC worked with the VoteCal team to develop answers to questions that counties have asked during the past meetings with counties (Solution Walkthrough, Fit Gap sessions, and county communication sessions). These answers are documented in a VoteCal Question and Answer document that will be distributed to all counties.  Read additional details.