Secretary of State Transition Committee Set

Plans to work closely with incoming Secretary

The new CACEO SOS Transition Committee has been established (made up of CACEO officers, our immediate past president and four large and small counties from each 1/4 of the state, chosen at random). Committee membership ►

Neal Kelley
President, Registrar of Voters, Orange County

Voting Around the State

How was voting in your county? Shown here is a photo from Gail Pellerin in Santa Cruz on Election Day. County reporting results can be found on the Secretary of State website.

Close Contests Statewide

There are currently four contests statewide that are within two percentage points. These include the CD16, CD26, CD52 and AD39. Counties throughout the state reported results at a quick pace throughout the evening.

Room at the Inn? Maybe

Start checking soon

The Hyatt Sacramento sold out quickly for this year's New Law meeting (216 confirmed so far). The overflow hotel, The Citizen, has also sold out. Cancellations usually start a few weeks before the meeting - start checking soon and remember the "early bird" discount ends November 15th.

Current CACEO Members: 821  | PRINC: 124  | DEP: 504 | ASSOC: 47

Board of Equalization Amendment to Tax Rule

On September 29, 2014, the State Board of Equalization issued a Letter to Assessors and to clerks and other interested parties, that the staff again proposes to amend Property Tax Rule 308.6, Application for Equalization by Member, Alternate Member, or Hearing Officer to incorporate past legislation, including AB 824 (Chapter 477 of 2009), which was sponsored by CACEO. Continue reading ►